We are building a new marketplace with superpower

Create intelligent canaries to share within your company or with everyone on the cloud.  Offer your solution as a subscription.

Share or Offer a Subscription 

We are empowering DevOps teams to harness the power of community to optimize cloud operations and drive innovation.”


Embracing the core principles of open-source software, transparency and community-driven innovation, Cloud Canaries encourages users to contribute to the collective knowledge base and leverage the expertise of a supportive and interconnected community. Developers can now access the most common use cases, learn from one another, and collectively drive advancements in Cloud Intelligence.

The Cloud Canaries Marketplace fosters a more collaborative DevOps community by promoting the open sharing of Intelligent Canaries. By providing a space where developers can share their use cases, best practices and insights, Cloud Canaries offers a vibrant ecosystem of shared innovation.
Key features of the Cloud Canaries Marketplace include:

- Access to a diverse range of Intelligent Canaries for various use cases.
- Community-driven knowledge sharing and best practices.
- Supportive ecosystem for collaborative innovation and problem-solving.
- Opportunities for developers to contribute and enhance the shared pool of Intelligent Canaries.


To Share or Not To Share

We at Cloud Canaries believes 80% of all canaries will be simple apps and very similar.  Sharing these canaries makes sense for all companies and their organizations.  Canaries can be shared within a company or shared with all users.  Our simple ping is an example of a canary that can be shared with all users in all companies.  Canaries that have company IP or protected information about a company’s virtual network or internal API are protected, only users within your company can access them using our marketplace.

Our canaries are packaged and delivered as template libraries. Template libraries are purposeful. That is the canaries in the library are their provide a solution or are targeted for a unique service or a set of API. 

Users do not need to use our Canary marketplace. Simply download the Canary Template Library SDK, write the canary and upload.  You can manage your own canaries separately from the marketplace.

Canary Subscriptions

Generate Recurring Revenue 

The other 20% of Canaries written will be complex, company protected information and or deep developer knowledge.  Users can subscribe to these canaries monthly or annually.  The subscription process is simple, subscribe to the Canary Subscription, then pick the canaries that you want to use. Fees will vary depending on the type and number of canaries selected.

We at Cloud Canaries expect canaries will have a very low subscription price.

Protect your IP

Creating fee-based subscription canaries using the Canary Marketplace better protects you IP.   User selects the canary from the integrated marketplace and automatically loaded.  All canaries in the marketplace repository are code reviewed.  In the future automated vulnerability scans will be included.

One Platform Many Solutions (Canaries)


The Aviary Platform is the rocket fuel that creates intelligent canaries and DevOps with superpowers.  Manage your canaries including their configuration and connections; collect their data, pick you AI model and rocket away.  

Interested in contributing?

Write a canary, share a canary