Aviary Platform Features

Innovate with the power of intelligent canaries.

Canary Dashboard

Manage canary lifecycles: create, schedule, and run. Define your alarms and notifications for any and every workload.

Health Dashboard

Access continuously streamed actionable insights describing the current health of endpoints, services, and APIs for any targeted canary workload.

Compliance Dashboard

Measure your compliance with your customer Service Level Agreements and your own Service Level Objectives by customizing your metrics over a period using actual and forecasted workloads.

Forecast Dashboard

Access five-day rolling composite, service, and canary forecasts, including alarm probabilities, enabling you to preempt and proactively fix issues.

Enabling Features

Essential features for integration and customization.

organization (2)

Organizations are created by users who can invite other users. Canaries are located within Organizations.

Canary Templates

Create canary template libraries and set access controls at the organizational level.

Service Settings

Define the criteria to begin and end incidents and manage your Service Level Agreements.


OpenAPI schemas can be used to create canary template libraries.

Forecast Models

Using Snowflake Cortex AI create, save and tune forecast models.


Location of account information required by external systems, such as Snowflake.

network (2)

Identifies the clusters that can host canaries, via kube config files.

API Keys

Used for Canary Authentication with the Aviary platform.


What are canaries?

Canaries are lightweight apps that mimic user cloud workloads and collect workload data.

Everything running on and in the cloud is a workload. Workloads are beacons of information.

  • Canaries can run in Kubernetes clusters
  • Canaries can also run as standalone executables.
  • Either way, canaries send back to the platform workload and status information.


Create and deploy canaries in minutes, collect data today, and predict tomorrow.

Cloud Canaries are lightweight apps that simulate workloads on the Cloud and Internet to notify, identify, quantify, predict and mitigate. Canaries can be implemented in virtually any language. Response values are categorization and typed.