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Intelligent canaries and DevOps with Superpower.

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Cloud Canaries was built to give DevOps teams options. DevOps engineers are the primary users. With their knowledge and skills, they can write and deploy canaries in minutes to collect data for monitoring and observability for pennies of the cost of the market leaders—without judgment, drama, frustration, and discord

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The Aviary platform was built for developers to share the canaries they've written or purchased. Targeted canaries can be created that retrieve the information needed to identify problems or discover insights. Developers connect and customize the platform to get the data, display it, and predict with it—all at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

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Your CEO, CFO, and CIO need you to provide them with cost-effective solutions that are quick, easy, and work. They want solutions today that provide predictions and insights for tomorrow.  Cloud costs continue to rise as the need to run business solutions on the cloud increases. But solutions from market leaders are not only difficult to implement but also overpriced. These solutions do not deliver the value promised. Cloud Canaries do.




At Cloud Canaries Inc, we empower software engineering teams practicing DevOps to unleash their superpowers. Our Intelligent Canaries detect and resolve workflow issues that hinder productivity and innovation capacity. We go beyond traditional log-file observability by capturing performance insights from any workload to make predictive and autonomous healing simple and affordable. Our Cloud Intelligence platform lets DevOps teams take control and prioritize what matters most through actionable insights, proactive monitoring and automated problem resolution. With Cloud Canaries, customers optimize every resource to make innovation possible.

Cloud Canaries Inc. was founded in 2021 with an office in the middle of Cambridge Massachusetts, a short walk to MIT, Harvard, Kendal Square, and great restaurants. Our Team is global. The company is privately funded.




It all started when I was participating in an extended bridge call that lasted for days. We could not identify the root of a problem that they noticed.  It was impacting production of a very large customer.  The customer’s team was debugging as well, at some point one of their engineers mentioned that they deployed a couple of simple canaries in their cloud environment.  The information collected by the canaries was extremely valuable, the issue was identified and mitigated within an hour.  

Many internal public cloud teams use canaries to observe or augment other solutions.  Canaries are easy to create, deploy and provide immediate data.  They can even be used to mitigate. However, managing many of them at once is problematic. Public cloud teams have platforms to manage their canaries and harvest their data.  Customer of public clouds do not.

Internally thousands of canaries are used to observe public clouds, but the customer had no platform to do the same, to manage the canaries and the data they collected.  It seemed an obvious pain point that could be fixed.

From that bridge call I decided to start Cloud Canaries to provide super smart canaries to cloud customers.  We made our cloud canaries inexpensive but given them superpowers.