Unleash Your DevOps Superpower.

Elevate Your Observability and Empower Your DevOps Teams with Intelligent Canaries. Redefine your observability with a more intelligent approach at a fraction of the cost!


Combining Data, AI, and Compute

Powering digital transformation and enabling wide solution coverage, predictions, mitigations, and insight at low cost.

Connectable and Customizable

The Aviary Platform can connect, notify and export to external solutions and be customizable.

One Platform Many Solutions

Single platform and many canaries. New solutions are no more than a canary away, fitting seamlessly in.

How it Works


Meet Aviary all-in-one platform for efficient, insightful and empowering DevOps.


Forecasts, predictions and mitigations

Canaries can observe, simulate, mitigate and resolve based on actual or forecast data.

Measurements and metrics

Use standard measurements and metrics or create custom ones based on canaries being used.

Alarms, channels, APIs and notifications

User define Alarms, notifications and incidents covering any single or set of workloads.

Canary Dashboard

Manage canaries. User define alarms, notifications
and incidents covering any single or set of workloads.

Health Dashboard

Provides current health of endpoints, services, APIs for any targeted canary workload.

Compliance Dashboard

Measuring compliance and SLA metrics over a period using actual and forecasted workloads.

Forecast Dashboard

Provide 5 day rolling composite, service and canary forecasts. Forecast pages includes Alarm probabilities and forecast data.


Reports that include SLA, security and compliance evidence. 

Lifecycle Monitoring

Continuous monitoring, low cost and the collection of workload data throughout business lifecycles.

Snowflake Integration

Aviary users can store canary data on Snowflake then use the data to generate AI models.  It is easy, update your wallet with account information, enable the selected organization and pick the canaries to be used in model generation and tuning.  

  • Store Canary data on Snowflake
  • Use Snowflake Cortext AI for forecasting


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