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At Cloud Canaries, we empower DevOps teams to unleash their superpowers. Our Intelligent Canaries detect and resolve workload issues that divert resources and stifle innovation. Our Software Intelligence platform helps customers take control of the cloud by reducing unplanned work, investing more in value creation and bringing strategic initiatives to life.

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Yes, superpower, because they are created by you or other DevOps engineers, and are backed up by the Aviary platform and its AI predictive models. 

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Observe, secure, and govern the cloud at 10% of the cost of market leaders.

The Aviary Platform is here

Manages canary creation, configuration, deployment and data collection. Workload data is used for analysis, export, visualization, forecasting, notification, and AI model creation. Included are reports, dashboards, metrics, public API and connections allow Canaries to fit into any ecosystem.

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